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Ao no Exorcist & Profesosr layton sell.
Please READ before continue

  • All the price are in USD
  • Payment only via Paypal every price doesn't have Paypal fee You can use a this fee calculator:
  • Paypal .  
  • All items will be shipped via Registered SAL form México.
  • Shipping will b 1 or 3 days 
  • For know Shipping cost. please give me your Postal Code and country i will tell you the price at next day or 2.
  • For any questions, either leave a comment or send message also E-mail dartlein[at] hotmail (doT) com. i will reply you in less of  24hrs. Thank you!
if you bought something with me, feel free to leave a menssage in my Feedback


Ao no Exorcist CD limited edition Opening 15 USD

Ao no Exorcist CD limited edition Opening  15 USD

 Half Age figures MORE IN STOCK

-Rin Human = 13 USD -  SOLD Thank you!
-Rin secret ( Tail) = 13 USD  SOLD
-Rin Demon normal  13 USD  SOLD
-Rin demon with flames = 13 USD
-Yukio Normal = 13 USD  SOLDThank you !
-Yukio with guns = 13 USD
-Shiemi x 1 = 10 USD  SOLD

Blue Exorcist Metal Plate


  • - Yukio SOLD thank you
  • - Rin demon 
  • -Shime
  • - Bon SOLD Thank you
  • -Mephisto SOLD Thank you
  • -Izumo 
  • -Shima 

5 Usd Each
Shipping Cost 3 usd International

Thank you!

Professor Layton and Eternal Diva Furu-Furu(Bobbing) Head Figure 35 USD each 
LUKE - 35 usd

Thank you!

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Rin demon with flames - Shipping for Austria, Europe please! *___*

I send you a PM with the Shipping info :3 thank you.

I would like Yukio with guns and Rin Human, shipping to Ohio, USA (43623 zip code) Thanks so much!

Hi! I send you a PM with the Shipping info :3 thank you.

i'm interested in shiemi, shipping zip code 33411?

Can I get the Normal Yukio figure and the Yukio metal plate, pretty please? If you can ship to Alabama, USA 36526? :)

Sure you can! i'll send you a PM with the total and my Paypal account, thank you <3

Hey hey! is Rin's half age figs still available? =D

Hi! only Rin demon is available, thank you for ask!

awwwwww... ='(

i wanted both.. *sob* that's alright then. thanks. =(

thank you for ask.

How much would it be to ship the demon!Rin metal plate charm to 10029/New York?

hi sorry for the LOOOOOONG delayed, i was on vacation and i haven't internet
i hope you are still interested in the keychain it's 5 dlls of shipping cost
sorry again.

It's alright! I'm sorry but I don't understand. Is it 5 dollars in total or 5 dollars just for shipping?

oh sorry i mean 3 dlls it comes with tracking number
dear god, i'm blind hahahaha my apologize for confused you
so it's 8 dlls with the key chain

Sorry it took so long for me to reply! I forgot to. ; o ;

Would you be willing to sell it for me for a grand total of 7 dollars? :c

no problem
Sorry but i can't you still need to pay paypal fees so
is like 8 in the same way.

my apologize

Hello! I know this thread is pretty old, but would you still happen to still have Rin secret (tail) instock?

AH! sorry for the delayed,
no sorry hi is sold out :(
thank you for ask , have a nice day

Hi! Is this sales post still open? If so do you still have the Luke figure?

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