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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! gashapon on sale!
Please READ before continue

  • All the price are in USD
  • Payment only via Paypal every price doesn't have Paypal fee You can use a this fee calculator:
  • Paypal .  
  • All items will be shipped via Registered SAL form México.
  • Shipping will b 1 or 3 days 
  • For know Shipping cost. please give me your Postal Code and country i will tell you the price at next day or 2.
  • For any questions, either leave a comment or send message also E-mail dartlein[at] hotmail (doT) com. i will reply you in less of  24hrs. Thank you!
if you bought something with me, feel free to leave a menssage in my Feedback


The figures are in perfect condition
They come with their original bag and pamphlet.

SET #1

  1. Tsuna - 
  2. Mukuro future - 
  3. Mukuro future rare - SOLD
  4. Mukuro Close eyes -  SOLD
  5. Chrome Close eyes  - SOLD

SET #2 

  1. Mukuro -  SOLD
  2. Tsuna -  SOLD
  3. Chrome -  SOLD
  4. Chrome rare -  SOLD
  5. Ryohei -  SOLD
  6. Ryohei rare . 

SET #3 ---- 

  1. Mukuro
  2. Dino SOLD
  3. Dino rare SOLD
  4. Xanxus
  5. Xanxus rare
  6. Squalo  SOLD
  7. Squalo rare  SOLD
If you want some figure, plz write SET number  and Character. Thank you~!

In each purchase i'll give you as gift a little Barnaby and Kotetsu strap! ( not the best thing but is my way to say thank you )

If you have any question pleas let me know,! thank you


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(from ireland)
hi! what is the total (plus shipping) for the following?
set #2, mukuro, tsuna, chrome, ryohei
set #3, dino, squalo, squalo rare

thank you!

Hi! sorry for the delayed, i back from mail post
Shipping cost it's 10 dlls and it comes with tracking number

thanks! so the total for the ones i want (listed above) would be $66 correct? here is mypaypal email: zeroonetwothree(at)rocketmail(dot)com

Hi sorry for the delayed
with paypal fees are $4.27
so total is 70.27 uds.
i'll send you the payment request. :3

i send the payment request, i hope you get it :3

i'm so sorry for the super late reply! is it ok if i send the payment on tuesday? there are currently problems with the internet and someone will come to fix it on tuesday >_< i'm so sorry!

i see, don't worry take your time :3

i have paid now. i'm so so so sorry for the delay! >_

I would be interested in set #1 Chrome and set #2 Chrome (rare) if they are still available.

I'm in the USA with a zip code of 53220

Hello! sorry for the delayed
Yes they are available :). Shipping cost is 6 usd and it comes with tracking number

My Paypal email address is whirlygirly(at)earthlink(dot)net

Thank you ! i'll send you an invoice of $19.20
Include paypal fees $1.20.

Btw do you want 2 Tiger & Bunny straps as gift with you order?

No thank you to the straps.

I just sent the payment. Will PM you the shipping info asap, :)

Ok :D
I confirm your payment
I'll send your figures tomorrow
Thank you so much!


Disculpa, vi tu anuncio y me interesó la figura 3 del set 3 (Dino rare), esa figura es la de Dino que trae a Enzo cierto?, si aún esta disponible me gustaría comprarla.
Amm, soy de México también XD (Estado de México), asi que, cuanto seria el total y si aun asi el pago sería via paypal.


disculpa la tardanza.
Si, es el Dino que viene con Enzo :), En envio seria 30 pesos y tendria numero de guía para mayor seguridad :).

El total 8 uds
más paypal fees 0.56
total : $8.56


Gracias por la respuesta!

Bien, me interesa, ¿A que cuenta envío el pago?


te envie un PM con los detalles
gracias :)

porcierto , quieres que agregue 2 straps de T&B de los que estoy regalando al envio?

Claro! =D, me gustaría!, muchas gracias!
En este momento te haré el pago y te envío los datos n.n


Vale 8D!
Confirmo tu paog, enviare tu figura mañana
gracia spor todo :)!

hello how much would shipping be for set 3 xanxus to usa 92243?

Hello is 5 usd :)
thank you for ask

Is Xanxus from set three still available?? ( the one with eyes open )

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