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Sanada Akihiko Figure for SALE SALE!
        All the price are in USD
  • Payment only via Paypal every price doesn't have Paypal fee You can use a this fee calculator:
  • Paypal .  
  • All items will be shipped via Registered SAL form México.
  • Shipping will b 1 or 3 days 
  • For any questions, either leave a comment or send message also E-mail dartlein[at] hotmail (doT) com. i will reply you in less of  24hrs. Thank you!
if you bought something with me, feel free to leave a menssage in my Feedback


Sanada Akihiko Figure
by Kotobukiya

The figure and the box are  in perfect conditions. Also he comes with his original CD drama that was never opened. 

 If you have any question pleas let me know,! thank you


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Is the Akihiko figure still available? I might be interested. What is shipping to Singapore?

Hello 8D
Yes he is still available
Shipping cost it's 23 usd and it comes with tracking number

greetings :)

I was wondering, is Akihiko still available?

Yes he is still still available

Would you be willing to take a $50 down-payment until I get paid or would you prefer to have it all at once?

well i think is better the full payment,i can wait
but as you prefer
btw where are you from?

That's understandable, it makes no real difference to me so I'll just go off when you prefer. I can make the full payment as early as tomorrow afternoon my time, which is US Central.

Bourbonnais, Illinois. I'm kinda sortta near Chicago, how much will that effect my shipping cost?

Ok, take your time, i can wait =)
i'll pun "ON HOLD" the figure for you
It not affect the shipping much.

Hello! After looking at the other comments, I was wondering if the Akihiko figure is available or still on hold?

I'd also like a shipping quote for Indiana, USA 46227, if he is still available for purchase. :)

Yes he is still for sale :)
going to send you the info via PM
thank you!

Great! Thanks very much. :)

LMAO i can't send the P, well send you here the info

Hello and sorry for the delayed
Akihiko = $100
Paypal fees = $3.20
Total = $103.20
If you can send the payment in this that way you don't need pay paypal fees.
> > > > ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
> Send money ---> Personal payment ---> Payment owed or Gift "Personal"

If you can't do it, please send the total with paypal fees
Please send me the payment to my paypal account: " to Andrea Aguiñaga"

After send the payment please send me this info
City/ state:
Postal/zip code:

If you have any question let me know
Thank you so much :)!

No worries about that! :)

I can definitely send the money as a gift, so would the total be $100 then? Once I know for sure, I will send you the payment!

Okay then only send 100 usd :)

I confirm your payment
I'll send him tomorrow in the morning
Thank you so much :)

Great! Glad to hear that. :)
You're welcome,and thank you so much too!

Finally send you figure
This is the tracking number
As you know you can check it in this page
In " Número de Guía
Thank you so much for be patient.
If you have some problem let me know!

Not a problem! Thank you again for selling it to me. :)
I can't wait to receive it.

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