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TIGER & BUNNY Howling Wildly for sale!
        All the price are in USD
  • Payment only via Paypal every price doesn't have Paypal fee You can use a this fee calculator:
  • Paypal .  
  • All items will be shipped via Registered SAL form México.
  • Shipping will b 1 or 3 days 
  • For know Shipping cost. please give me your Postal Code and country i will tell you the price at next day or 2.
  • For any questions, either leave a comment or send message also E-mail dartlein[at] hotmail (doT) com. i will reply you in less of  24hrs. Thank you!
if you bought something with me, feel free to leave a menssage in my Feedback


Tiger & Bunny Howling
Wildly Even as a Mascot! FOR SALE

They arrived today! all new.

7usd each one.

available - One kotetsu , barnaby and Barnaby suit sold, thank you, 
  • Kotetsu  x 1  SOLD THANK YOU
  • Barnaby x 1 SOLD
  • Wild tiger x 1 SOLD THANK YOU
  • Barnaby in suit x1 SOLD
  • Blue rose x 1 SOLD THANK YOU
  • Rock bison x 1 
  • Fire Emblem x 1 
  • Crap suit SOLD THANK YOU

If you have any question pleas let me know,! thank you ---

In each purchase i'll give you as gift a little Barnaby and Kotetsu strap! ( not the best thing but is my way to say thank you )

If you have any question pleas let me know,! thank you


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Is Kotetsu, barnaby, wild tiger, barnaby in suit still available? how much are they total including shipping? I want them! postal code PA 17601, USA

Edited at 2012-05-04 03:31 am (UTC)

Yes they are available!
4 strap = 28 usd
shipping is 5 usd
+ Paypal fees $2.11
Total = 35.11.

Hey there! Just curious, did this set come with a hidden crapsuit Kotetsu figure? I saw a photo before but wanted to check.

No all the boxes come with one, but yes i was lucky and i got him.

Okay, thanks for the info! Lucky snag~

Do you happen to still have a Kotetsu one available? :)
Postal code is CA 91755, USA.

Oh no sorry :( i sell him, i though i have an extra but i make an mistake, my apologize.

Hi! You mentioned a crapsuit Tiger in your tiger_and_bunny post, is it still available? If so, I'm interested in that and Blue Rose; if not, I'm still interested in Blue Rose alone. How much would shipping be to TN 37918, USA?

Yes he is still aviable :)!
Shipping is 5 usd.
thank you for ask

Cool! What would the total be for both of them plus shipping and fee? The calculator confuses the snot out of me, sorry ;>__>

i-ll sent the total via PM 8) thank you

Sadly you're out of what I want. But! .....That Kotetsu strap is awfully cute and adorable. Price? <3 (the one you're offering as a gift with purchase)

Hello! sorry for the delayed
mm what if you only paid the shipping cost?
5 usd?

Sounds good to me. ^_^ (thank you!)

:) ok i'll send you the info via pm

I'm having trouble with PMs, so I'll just leave a reply here instead. I got my Kotetsu today~! And I thought I was only getting Kotetsu so I was very happy to see Barnaby and an ADORABLE Xmas Wild Tiger in the envelope too. Thank you , thank you! <3 Going to show these cuties off this weekend with friends. ^_^

waaa i¿m so glad you got them!
your welcome was a pleasure

Under "available" you have a small note saying there's one of each available? Does that mean you might have Kotetsu for sale again?

No , sorry all kotetsu are sold , i forget to ereased that part
my apologize

Are they sold already? I'm interested in the Barnaby suit one?

sorry i sold him :( only have Fire emblema and bison
thnak you for ask

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